Nextcloud File Access control Flow not availabe

version: Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.1)

The File Access control option does not appear in the flow configuration as an option. I only have the default “Write to conversation” flow.

How can I access the file access control functionality?

I guess the file access control app is disabled/ not installed?

No, it is installed and enabled.

I just tested the same thing on another Instance of mine with version 28.0.3 and the same problem.
There I also have the automatic tagging enabled and that option shows up - but not the file access control option.

This one:

Hm, this is working fine for me on a 29 installation:

There must be something else wrong. I suggest to check your browser console and also your nextcloud.log. Also make sure the correct version is installed.

I must be doing something wrong… I have just checked and it also does not work in an old nextcloud installation v20.0.11 that I have.

Here is what I do:
As the administrator I go to: (click on account image top right)

  • Administration setting
  • Flow (left list)
    here I would expect the file access option to show up
  • I install the file access flow via the “More flows” option
  • deactivating etc. does not change anyting

I have deactivated all other apps and no matter which flow plugin I install none of them show up.
I have also checked nextcloud.log and there are no errors there.

There are two “Flow” items on the left… (!)
a personal Flow option (no block file access)
a administrative Flow option (block file access) yay!