Nextcloud fedora 38 install many problems remain without answer… cron


After install of nextcloud on fedora 38, I get this message:

The task was last run 2 days ago. Something seems to be wrong

Use the system cron service to call the ‘cron.php’ file every 5 minutes. The cron.php script must be run by the system user “apache”.

So I changed the owner of /usr/share/nextcloud/cron.php file to apache (it was root) and nothing has changed…

What to do?

Thank you.


The owner of the file is less important, it should be run as the apache user as well.

E.g. add to crontab for this user:

sudo -u apache crontab -e

and you can run the command first manually to see if there are errors when executing it:

sudo -u apache php -f /usr/share/nextcloud/cron.php