Nextcloud extremely slow, Window to permit users on folders does not even open

Hey there,

I recently deployed Nextcloud on my Unraid Server to help my wife accessing her stuff on the go.

Well unfortunately the appliance is slow as hell.

System Specs:

Celeron N5105
HDD for Storage
SSD Cache for faster writing and for the Nextcloud Appdata

So when trying to permit my wifes account on folders, the window to do so wont even show up.

I am running Version (28.0.1) with a MariaDB

Also to be able to bulk upload stuff I tweaked the maximum upload sizes and timeouts. But I have no Idea how to get nextcloud further running smoother.

I also read this guide: Server tuning — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation but it didnt do the trick.

Whats kinda strange, while uploading and syncing a lot of CPU is used, but only 2GB of RAM.

If you need logs or anything else I will be happy to provide it.


Maybe, use htop --delay=8 and check (sort) who use CPU with pressing P.

hope this helps

Any further CPU Request check here.

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Well basically PHP is using about 80% -90 % (according to htop)

Maybe 4 Cores are not enough for Nextcloud, I dont know.

The Unraid is only running MariaDB and Nextcloud in Docker. Nothing else.

Sorry --delay= was 80 no 8 :sweat_smile:
80 - 90% is a number. Maybe one of the php Module like php-fpm?
Can you send here the result:

ps auwx |grep php

Exactly, PHP-FPM was getting bonkers.

But Nextcloud was nevertheless slow like hell.

I switched to Filerun now, cause I cant stand such a low frontend ^^"

Maybe I try again when I upgraded the cpu.

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