Nextcloud external storage user access restrictions

I have nextcloud app and created external storage using SFTP. My concern here is i want to give read only access to external storage for users they can upload data in external storage but can’t delete. I want restrict the user access for external storage. I was searching for nextcloud doc but did not found related to my concern any one help me.

Hi @kavitha271

I don’t think that’s possible directly via the External Storage app. But what you can do, is mounting the external storage with a specific user, and then sharing it from that user to the other users…


Thanks for the reply. I have shred External storage app with specific user and am able to restrict the users access on files now.

Hi, I have a similar situation; accessing Synology NAS share with global external storage limiting to admin group. (having re sharing activated).
As I want to prevent the users from delete & resharing I shared to the users group (removing resharing & delete checkbox).
The strange thing: in browser everything is working as expected for the users group. (using Nextcloud office)
When using the ios/android app (for users group) I can open the office files. but not able to save. (with collabora online)
“Document cannot be saved. Check your permissions or contact the storage administrator”.
When downloading the office document in ios/android app and opening with e.g. “MS Office” app save is working.

thx for your feedback.

( Nextcloud Hub II (23.0.4))