Nextcloud.exe is delete

We are currently encountering a recurring and quite problematic problem.
The nextcloud.exe file disappears. I can’t find anything in the antivirus logs, nor even Defender (if in doubt we checked even if it is passive).
Several points to know:

  • the software is deployed by SCCM (3.11 or 3.12)
  • We have deactivated automatic updates which could cause this problem (seen in another post)

Thank you for your interest in this problem and any answers you could give me.

Good day


Did you have this problem all the time, or just with the latest versions?

I’d perhaps try to run the nextcloud.exe and the installer through your antivirus manually, if they trigger something. Not sure for such deployments if there are more options to debug this.


The problem of disappearance will happen when starting the PC with a random and not systematic side. The behavior is, of course, typical of an antivirus. I excluded the nextcloud.exe file from any scan to avoid this but to no avail :(.
So, I manually installed a version on two test PCs

thank you for your interest in my request


ps: on version 3.5.4, the problem did not exist according to users

There were issues in the past just after a release of a new version. The current installer (3.12.2) does not trigger anything at virustotal: VirusTotal

There is no issue with the deployment itself, that it de-installs it for some reason?

I manually installed version 3.12.2 and 3.12.1 on another machine
to see if the latter takes wings :wink:


Hello, we have noticed, once again, the disappearance of the nextcloud.exe file :frowning: