Nextcloud.exe blocked by MacAfee Endpoint Security

Hi there,

I am using nextcloud client at work since a while. Since I have not sysadmin on work computers, it is installed via nextcloud portable apps.

At the occasion of system upgrade, the sysadmin decided to install and enforce usage of MacAfee Endpoint Security.

This apps block nextcloud client on the way out.

It seems that it blocks it because it is not in a liste of preapproved by MacAfee apps. It could be just a matter of proper signature of the .exe. The MacAfee Endpoint Security firewall rules contains basic rules named like “allow outbound stock applications”, “allow McAfee signed applications”. Seems that the sysadmin picked a few of these to put as site rules.

I can workaround this by setting of the firewall. But that’ll give warnings to the sysadmin and it has to be redone every 15 minutes since site rules are reloaded on this frequency.

Is that a known issue? Is there any suggestion for a durable fix?

Further read a bit on topic: seems that Nextcloud crowd should register to get whitelist by MacAfee (quite annoying, I agree)