Nextcloud en Ubutu engineer gezocht

Ik weet niet of dit de juiste plek is om deze vraag te stellen, maar ik ben op zoek naar een engineer die ons met een aantal issues verder kan helpen. Zowel met Nextcloud als een Ubuntu (NGINX, PHP).

If you want to post your specific issues, we can sure take a look. If you’re looking for someone to actually remotely connect and fix it for you, that’s more of an issue for Nextcloud enterprise support.

Thanks for you reply. I was actually looking for someone I could hire locally here in The Netherlands and fix a number of issues that we are facing. So someone that we could also work with in the future when we have new things we would like to change or improve. There must be someone on this forum that is interested.

Ah, I see. Well that wouldn’t be me since I live in the United States.

Thanks Karl. Maybe in the future we could help each other.

Nog steeds op zoek?

Hi Jan, ja zeker. Interesse?

ja hoor :slight_smile:
Zoals je merkt ben ik hier niet heel actief meer, maar je mag wel even mailen :wink: