Nextcloud email with ISPConfig mailboxes

ISPConfig is in the same category as CPanel. I’ve come to appreciate it for building and maintaining a network of servers. It’s sort of the server side of what Nextcloud does for the client side. It’s generally used with Postfix and Dovecot (SMTP/IMAP/POP3), and mailbox/alias account data are stored in a database and maintained in the ISPConfig GUI. The interface to this data is a well-defined SOAP/REST API. To use this with Nextcloud, an app was created, so that an email account can be accessed by name or email address, and so that alias data can be associated with the primary address.

I’d like to connect with others who are using Nextcloud with ISPConfig, or admins who want to do so, or anyone who has wanted such an interface. The goal is to help the app author to improve the documentation and possibly the interface, or to make a new one so that we have more options, and to make it easier for all of us to use this fine client with this fine server.

Please post your interest here so that we can try to assemble the pieces. Thanks!