Nextcloud don't accept protonmail?

I am trying to register a nextcloud account with my proton mailadress.
But nextcloud wont accept my proton adress and says “Please use a valid business email”
I tried different mail addresses but its always gives me this response.

I also can’t contact costumer services because also they don’t accept proton mailadres.
They also gives me the “Please use a valid business email” middle finger.
Wtf Who comes up with this nonsense.

You mean here on the forum?

no next-cloud account.

self-hosted or with a provider?

If self-hosted, you should be able to use any email address you want for your admin or user accounts. However, your Nextcloud instance cannot directly use your ProtonMail address for sending notifications, because ProtonMail is end-to-end encrypted, and therefore you can only send emails via the official clients (webmail, mobile apps, Protonmail Bridge). For the same reason, you cannot use the Nexcloud Mail app with ProtonMail, at least not without somehow add the Protonmail Bridge to the mix.

If this Nextcloud instance is hosted by a provider, essentially the same things apply. So if you can’t sign up for an account with a particular email address, you’ll have to ask the provider why they’re refusing this address.

i am just want to make a account here.

its not accepting proton mail.

“you’ll have to ask the provider why they’re refusing this address.”
That is what i am doing here.
Why is this still not solved? i have no time to play this bullshit game!

No idea, I’m just a forum user, who was trying to help.

Well you could have provided that link in your original post, that would have saved me some time as well.

@tflidd Any idea why Request an instant trial - Nextcloud wouldn’t work with a ProtonMail address?

Proton accepts only highest DMARC ratings. This probably could be the reason.

No. Before you could get an instant trial (limited to 30 min or so) without any mail address. That was really useful for new users and even if you had issues with the interface, you could double check if on such a reference install showed the same problem (without going over all the details on your setup).

@Daphne Can you help us out here?

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hey, I totally understand the need for a community demo environment just to try and test things out. I’m afraid this is out of my control since this demo instance is meant for sales purposes.

So to move the discussion forward let’s think out of the box.
To quickly test things out, you might also be interested in the test instance of Simon, which is easy to launch in just a few seconds. There is a tutorial at Develop for Nextcloud: App development tutorials how to use it, quick link: Nextcloud