Nextcloud doesn't update to reflect external changes

I have a home server I just set up running FreeNAS. On it each family member has a CIFS/SMB share for their private files. The directory for each person is also mapped to the files directory for their Nextcloud account which is also running from the same server.

I’m having a huge problem with Nextcloud in that if somebody creates/deletes/moves/renames/etc files using anything except Nextcloud (ie, through the CIFS share), Nextcloud does not update to reflect the changes in the web interface.

Does anyone know how I can have Nextcloud essentially “watch” it’s folders for changes made through non-Nextcloud means and update its listing when that happens?

How did you map this folders into Nextcloud with the external storage feature?

Each user directory is mapped into the Nextcloud jail using the built in “Add Storage” option in the FreeNAS webUI.

/mnt/Main/Home/Brent  --> [Jail] /media/brent/files
/mnt/Main/Home/Kristi --> [Jail] /media/kristi/files
/mnt/Main/Home/Stacey --> [Jail] /media/stacey/files

I have already ensured that the www user in both FreeNAS and the jail for Nextcloud have full permissions on each directory to avoid any issues there.

As far as I know, Nextcloud doesn’t support symlinks within the data folder.