Nextcloud doesnt save BBB URL-API

Hi there,
today I installed the BigBlueButton integration in our nextcloud and filled in the api url and the secret and bot worked under moodle but not in nextcloud. First it gets green and he said “saved”, but after pressing f5 the api url simply vanished and the app says that it cant create rooms because of missing base url. I deinstalled the app and reinstalled it but everything keeps the same.

Is there any way I can get it to work? He seems to be ok with my bbb server why doesnt he saves it?

Please open an issue at and additionally to the required information, please provide the log from your javascript console and check the network tab from your browsers dev tool for the save request.

As a dirty workaround you can also set the values via the NC cli like this:

php occ config:app:set bbb api.url --value="YOUR_URL"
php occ config:app:set bbb api.secret --value="YOUR_SECRET"