Nextcloud does not notice if other uses changes a File

Hey Guys,

im a young system administrator still in training. my company recently switched to using nextcloud on like 20 systems… one of them (as far as i know…)is having problem. it simply wont correctly sync the folders… if others work on files… nextcloud on that perticular system wont notice it and wont sync…at least not everytime. Any help :frowning: my boss is starting to get mad at me.

It will work on that system for one day…and on the next day the System owners phones us and tells us that files are not syncing. I dont see an obvious Settings Error.

Is there an obvious thing im missing? is there a Log i could read out? how would you even start troubleshooting this problem?

thx so much in advance.



Are you talking about 20 NC servers or 1 server and 20 clients? It would certainly helpful which kind of system and which version of NC you are using. If all systems are working except for one, you only need to find the difference of this non-working system :sunglasses:

Missing sync problems the server log is interesting (nextcloud log, webserver log) and also the client (open logging window with F12.

1 Server with around 20 clients. ill try to add logs tomorrow. My Boss is having concerns about uploading senstive data and wants to make sure the logs are good to share.

already thx in advance for your answer tflidd!