Nextcloud does not delete files after synchronisation

I have Nextcloud installed on my Ubuntu server. On my laptop I have the Nextclud client installed and it used to be that after a night’s sleep when I switched on my laptop in the morning, the videos were permanently deleted from my laptop after synchronisation. Now this does not happen and the videos are still in the synchronisation folder. What could be the cause?
The laptop has WIndows 10 pro.
I have installed the latest Nextcloud client

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I’m really surprised to hear some files where “permanently deleted”. this definitely not the way the desktop client is expected to work. In general your client synchronization directory should look like a mirror of the server and only in case vfs is active the files are replaced by “placeholders” which only show the filename and type and don’t consume space locally and only get filled with content once the user decide to open the file.

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and how to make all the files to be transferred to the Nextclud server and deleted from my laptop. i care about such a solution of my own

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Again if you enable VFS on your desktop client it will free the space after some time virtually keeping the files in place. Otherwise you can simply upload the files to your server using web browser, WebDAV, curl or any other solution you like.