Nextcloud does not automatically upload the existing photos

Hi, all:

I downloaded nextcloud app on iphoneXR and logged in. I configured automatically upload photos/videos. However, it only uploads the photos taken after that. All existing photos/videos before nextcloud app installation are not uploaded.

How to make it auto-upload those photos/videos as well? Thanks

I’m not using the iPhone client app but the Android one. I assume that the upload handling is more or less the same. Open the settings dialog, select the automatic upload to get all folders displayed which contain images. You can configure for each of these folders if and how files should be synchronized. One option, which can be selected is, to upload all existing files.

I found there is a setting “upload whole camera roll”, I think that is the one.

I also use android client, I dislike it searches every folder containing photos upon opening the Auto Upload setting, which takes long time wait. What I like is to add the folder manually and all other folers don’t show up in the auto upload setting page.

Hi. I have Nextcloud App on my friends iPhone. After installing it took time, to actually upload the old photos. I found it is an issue from iOS and didn’t look further.

In my case, the Photos only started to upload, after connecting the iPhone to the charger, opening the Nextcloud APP and leaving the phone and app untouched for some time.
Hope it helps.