Nextcloud, Docker, WSL2, and Backblaze Personal?

I have Nextcloud 19 running fine in Docker containers on a Windows 10 Home host. Docker is using WSL2 for its virtualization host. I’m using a host mount to store the data files on a host NTFS disk, instead of inside the VHDX disk.

I use Backblaze Personal (not B2) for backup, and I have the client set to backup from the data drive. This is all working.

HOWEVER, there is a known performance issue with WSL2 and a Windows NTFS mount. They highly recommend that data stay in the VHDX drive. I would not mind moving that to my big drive. Then the data files could be accessed from Windows using the \wsl$ path.

The problem with this is that now this would look to Backblaze like a network drive, and Backblaze won’t backup a network drive.

I’ve poked around and the only workaround I’ve found is to schedule occasional rsync/rclone jobs to mirror the data from the VHDX to the NTFS drive, and then point Backblaze to the mirror. Or course, this effectively halves my data capacity.

For those of you who use Docker for Nextcloud for personal use (i.e., not use B2 or S3, etc), how do you backup your data? Am I even doing it right?

My overall goal is to have backup with versioning and be able to access my 1TB of photos (I do serious amateur photography) from anywhere. I like the Dropbox model and it’s easy to to set up in-place backup/sync. Though now I’m wondering if I really need to sync ALL my files and find a solution that’s more dedicated to backup and syn only a small subset of my files.