Nextcloud docker unraid share issue

I posted this already in the unraid forms but was unable to get the answer I needed so I was hoping I could get some help here.

I need some help with my Docker NextCloud setup. So I used the tutorial a while back from spaceinvador and everything has been working fine until it got outdated. I think it was a php error.
I didn’t know when you update the container it doesn’t actually update nextcloud. Now I know.

The setup is unraid, nextcloud docker and maria db docker.

So I found and ran the update commands but it app got stock on “updating files” and I couldn’t figure out how to kill the process to start over. (if you know how to do this I would still like to know even though I have a different issue now).

In my wisdom I though I would just uninstall nextcloud docker and reinstall but it still showed up as updating. Then I found a post saying to remove the app data. Sooooo I did that. Then I got a clean install but now I cannot get my files / nextcloud share to show up.

I tried creating the same username I had when everything was working but nextcloud said I already had that name in use but also would not let me log into it.

I don’t care about the user name. I just need nextcloud to access the original share/files but I cannot seam to figure out how to get nextcloud to see the files.

hello @myblackhatch welcome to the forum :handshake:

I have no idea about unraid specifics. but please review regular docker update instructions:

  • in general you “never” install or update something inside of the container
  • container is “throw away” construct
  • you should never maintain something valuable inside of the container
  • everything important must be persisted outside of the container through environment variables or volume(mount)s

it’s hard to say what is bad now… there are some topics in this forum regarding recovering from bad/wrong Docker upgrade - Please use the search