Nextcloud-Docker connecting with ip address

I installed nextcloud using docker with mariadb and now I want to connect it with other device outside localhost I tried by creating a user defined network but it says access denied. Now I want to find how to change the address in the config file in docker. Can anyone please help me out I am using apache as a service

would you mind to post your docker-compose file? or the docker run commands (without the password) you used to start the container?

docker network? they are all docker internal unless you expose a port to the outside world with e.g. “-p 80:80” on the command line with docker run.

if you are talking about …/nextcloud/config/config.php you have to map this to your hosts filesystem. otherwise it will get lost when you update the container. normally this is defined in the docker-compose file or the cli command.

docker run -d -p 8080:80 --link database:database -e NEXTCLOUD_DB_PASSWORD=secret -e NEXTCLOUD_ADMIN_PASSWORD=secret nextcloud

Is this the way we try to implement docker using docker run command and could you please let me know can I use this * NEXTCLOUD_TRUSTED_DOMAINS parameter in the same command so I don’t want to go and change it in the config file after installation.

And I could able to connect to docker using composer file thanks for the information.