Nextcloud DNS https on Truenas problem ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I have install Nextcloud latest version Version: 21.0.1on Truenas and i can’t connect to my dns …i always get this message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I’ ve forward the ports 80 & 443 on my router
the local ip and the http dns works …but the https doesn’t…i can’t activate the Let’s Encrypt certificate for the same reason. If anyone have some kind of solution please share.

Good morning man, hope you are doing well…

Can you please attach your apache’s virtualhost file?


Good morning to you too,

i don’t believe a have apache server on my Nextcloud …cause is on Truenas Freebsd.
I’m a sort on experience regarding programing and data base programs…at least in past 10 -12 years …i’ve done some programing in my collage ( i’m starting to remember :slight_smile: ) . So be free to correct me if i’m wrong …or guide me to correct path …Thank you

Hey there, ok.

But as nextcloud is a webserver appliance, you need to have a webservice running, like nginx or apache.

Can you please see your “/etc” directory?

That way you will know if you have /etc/nginx, /etc/apache2 or /etc/httpd/.

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On the path /usr/local/etc…i have Nginx installed