Nextcloud directory on the same data partition for Windows and Linux?

I have a Windows and a Linux system on my workstation. Is it possible that Nextcloud which is installed in both, Windows and Linux, uses physically the same data partition of both OS’es?

In Windows I have a nextcloud directory D:\Nextcloud. Which is in Linux /dev/sda3/Nextcloud. Is it possible or do I run into a synchronisation mess?

Just to clarify, you’re talking about a dual boot scenario where you mount the Windows Nextcloud sync client folder in Linux and point the Linux sync client to the same files? It may work, but I’d say that’s asking for trouble. I tried that with Dropbox a decade or so ago and remember it creating a lot of strange behavior.

As an alternative, you might consider mounting WebDAV instead of using the client in whichever OS you use less, or only doing a partial sync.

I know the problems with Dropbox in that regard. That’s why I was asking, maybe Nextcloud behaves different.

WebDAV is a little bit slow for use on a day to day base. But a partial sync may be a solution.