Nextcloud Desktop wont start on Mac OS 14.3.1. Sonoma after Update not even responding after reinstallation

Nextcloud Desktop Client version: Nextcloud-3.12.2
Operating system and version: Mac OS 14.3.1 Sonoma

I installed the newest update for Nextcloud Desktop Client on Mac Sonoma (14.3.1) succesfully But nothing happens when I try to open the file and not even the nextcloud extension is opening as shown in the screenshot attached.

Tried to reinstall and relaunch it but same behavior.

Before I updated to newer version of client I enabled the experimantal feature of virtual files for mac, by adding the following:

showExperimentalOptions=true in nextcloud.cfg

But this worked perfectly for the last couple of months

Can someone please give me a hint how to get this running again please? Thank you!

You can check the logfiles for more details:

If like this a feature stops working after an upgrade to a newer version, this usually qualifies for a bug report ( Just make sure with the logs, if there are other obvious problems and with more details, you might be able to find, if someone already reported such a bug.

Client versions are currently, 3.12.something. Nextcloud itself has a version as well, but it should be NC 26+ (older ones are not supported any more).

Thanks a lot for your reply and help!

I fixed it by deinstalling again, deleting all files in Mac library and restarting my Mac again.

So it seems like it was connected to the library… not sure if bug is connected to Beta feature for virtual files on mac showExperimentalOptions=true

And you´re right my Mac Desktop Client Version is: Nextcloud-3.12.2 :slight_smile: