Nextcloud Desktop with Joplin: glitches causing notes to get reverted


this is my first post here :sweat_smile: . First of all, kudos for choosing Discourse :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Joplin for a few months and I’ve noticed an issue that may be connected to Nextcloud Desktop.

Platform: Linux
OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (KDE Neon)
Nextcloud Client: Version 2.6.4git (from official PPA)

I’ve went into more detail here: but the gist is as follows: sometimes I see that notes just get reverted to a previous state. This has happened at least a few times, at least once during Joplin sync. Since other users on the forum use other sync methods It’s more difficult to support my case.

Also: the different nodes having Joplin just go out of sync after a while. We’re speculating that “this has something to do with timestamps” but nothing specific yet.

Can you think of anything in the client or on the server causing this? I’d like to keep using Joplin with Nextcloud, esp. since Nextcloud works already for other of my files. But I really need to have this synchronization sorted. I need to be able to depend on the software that holds my ideas.

Does anyone here use Joplin?

Thank you for making Nextcloud! :slight_smile:

Do you sync the file with the desktop client and then open it in the joplin app? Or does the joplin app directly connect through webdav?


I sync an entire folder ~/Nextcloud/Joplin and point Joplin to use it as the “filesystem backend”. When doing sync, Joplin dumps finished data there.

Right now I tried going for the WebDav backend to troubleshoot (i.e.: “does going pure webdav solve this?”) but webdav sync in Joplin is extremely slow right now, so I can’t test this scenario.

Hello @tflidd,

I’ve setup debugging as described here:

Nextcloud is injecting its logs into the Joplin logs at ~/.config/joplin-desktop/log.txt. There’s a lot of data so I’d appreciate some hints on what I should be looking for.


ALSO: do you know anyone in the community who uses Joplin the same way I do?