Nextcloud desktop user_saml

I have Installed Nextcloud 15.2 with user_saml --> “use environment variable” basically I’m authenticating users trough our shibboleth iDP provider at UCLA. Everything is working for users logging from the web but I can’t find the way to configure the nextcloud desktop to authenticate trough our shibboleth provider I get the error : Failed to connect to Unknown Error. Is it even possible to have Nextcount desktop client authenticating trough shibboleth? If yes could you provide me instructions on how to do this. If not is this a feature coming in the future?


NC can’t do SAML client authentication, likely this will never be implemented.
You can use app passwords or you can use an oAuth2 like next generation login into the server from the clients.
Owncloud Enterprise can do direct SAML authentication but the code is not forked over to NC.

Thank you Escuaber for the info unfortunatelly we have a strict requirement to authenticate trough our shib provider.

Too bad that owncloud Enterprise won’t fork its code for the benefits of the community.