Nextcloud Desktop usage without storing local copy of data

I noticed that In Jan. 2019 there was a post regarding virtual drives. It appears that the virtual drives feature was never fully developed, so is there any other way that you can access the files from nextcloud directly that would mimic the virtual drives use case?
I have Terrabytes of data stored on nextcloud and syncing all that data to each machine that needs access to the data is not an option.

If you have a reliable and constant internet connection, then the closest option was to mount your Nextcloud via WebDAV :man_shrugging: - of course your data is only available as long as you are connected to the internet, but at least you don’t have to synchronize everything. I use it in combination with the default Desktop client to make important files offline available while i can access less important files only when connected to the internet.

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Mountain Duck? It works pretty well with Nextcloud:

I haven’t been able to get WebDAV to work yet. Is there anything that needs to be done on the server side to enable this functionality? I am following the instructions for connecting a windows box to nextcloud via WebDAV found at this site: . I haven’t had success with either nginx or httpd.
Also would you be able to inform me of the security implications of WebDAV? From my research it appears that it uses an older version of TLS that would have security flaws.

It should work out of the box. Do you have 2FA turned on? In case you do, you need to create an app password for your account.

Does it produce any errors? Webserver should not matter, as Nextcloud implements its own. I am pretty sure the recommendation for apache users is do disable the built in webdav functionallity

I was able to get webDAV to connect using Ubuntu, but still haven’t had any success with windows. When I try to connect via webdav it says that the server does not exist or is unreachable.
Troubleshooting performed:
-I am able to ping the nextcloud server from my windows box so it is in fact reachable.
-I have tried the various path styles provided by windows (ie. \servername\path, http://servername/path, etc.)
-I have tried to connect using command line (net use), and from file explorer (mapping a drive, and adding a network location do not work)

The path I am using is the one given in the settings->webDAV portion of nextcloud. (http:///nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files//)

Has anyone connected a windows machine to nextcloud via webDAV that could possibly give some advice?
Thanks in Advance!

Just to be sure. you are using https, not http for the webdav URL right?

You should also append your username to the end of that URL, like below


I have gotten it to work once upon a time, but it was a bit fiddly (windows has quite bad webdav support out of the box). But it worked

I am still in a testing phase and haven’t set up ssl certificates yet, so it is http for now.
I did include a hostname and username placeholder but my response removed it since I used this syntax “<username>”
Thank you for your response.

I figured it out.
To get WebDAV to work on windows it requires a secure connection (https). In addition you need to append the user to the path in place of USERNAME, which is not very clear in the nextcloud documentation. ex: https://<servername>/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files/<username>.

This doc from a university helped to figure it out as it give a more basic step by step for those who are new to webDAV. . After following these steps (altering the path to be the path to your nextcloud instance, all that needs to be done is enter your username and password in the prompt that comes up and viola, nextcloud is now mapped as a network location.

Thanks to all!