Nextcloud-desktop SSL error while connecting to server

Hi all,

I’ve setup a new machine for a friend of mine. Wanted to add cloud storage from Nextcloud, but can’t get it setup.

I’ve installed using apt:

sudo apt install nextcloud-client

Now when I start the client and go through the assistant (using the same URL which worked on iOS) I see this error Msg:



I’m kind of lost here, hope one of you has a hint. I’m using that same URL on several Mac’s, iOS Devices and a Windows Laptop… So NextCloud is, at least from my perspective, fine

the error is more less clear in terms TLS connection doesn’t work for some reason. Maybe the new machine is using more strict TLS settings which are not supported by your server… without more details no idea where to start - maybe you start checking the server with SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs) and see if there are any issues with the installation…

Thx for your reply:

Already done a test a few days ago, just redid it:

BTW: Inside Firefox there’s no Prob using the Nextcloud Webinterface (on the Laptop which give’e me the problem with the desktop-client)…

the test looks good… especially as the browser works I see no reason why the client should not. do you have (different) proxies? try checking the logs (debug archive) maybe there are hints there…

I think tis is not a Nextcloud specific problem. Please follow the recommendations which are available on the internet:

Thank you, but I’m successfully using the instance from 3 other iOS devices a Fedora Laptop und two more Mac’s… And non of them ever had a single issue…

So why now?

The problem is most likely caused by a diffent OpenSSL configuration on your new server, which differs from the other servers.

Did you configure the server to allow TLS1.3 only. Maybe the client version that is shipped with the repos of your distribution ist too old and dosen’t support TLS1.3…?

It’s all client’s, but yes it’s a different Linux version than Fedora…

If I understand you correctly, it works everywhere except with the Nexctcloud Client on your friend’s computer? Is that correct?

If this computer has Ubuntu installed, at least version 18.04, you could add this PPA…

…or you could try the AppImage from the Nextcloud website.

It’s a Debian based Distro, any intel if the PPA will work there too?

LMDE to be exact :wink:

Ah, Linux Mint Debian Edition :slight_smile:

In theory it is possible to install packages from PPAs on Debian or any Debian based distro, but it is generally not recommend and not officially supported.

I would recommend trying the AppImage or the Flatpak

If you want to try the PPA anyways, you can have a look at the following articles…