Nextcloud Desktop - Link to local file in shared folder


I’m wondering: Is possible, when two users have shared (and synced) folder, to send (hypertext) link leading directly to local file in Nextcloud folder?

For example:

All users have Shared_files\document.txt In their Nextcloud Folder (path of Nextcloud folder is different for each user). Is possible to send some link like nextcloud://Shared_files/document.txt which is caught by Nexcloud Desktop Client and translated to proper OS path (for example in Windows C:\Users\Username\Nextcloud\Shared_files\document.txt)

Thanks for

Hi! Do you really need it? As this path will be specific for a local user.
May be this may be helpful to you: in the new beta version of the nextcloud you may directly open the synced file by clicking on the folder icon (I don’t know, why folder…)

I would find such a feature really useful.
In my company, we always have to send each other absolute paths of files. This allows us to open the files in the file explorer and thus to edit the files locally.
I we used the “share internal link” instead, we would open the files in the browser and clicking on it would save the file in the temp folder. Changes have been lost that way in the past.

Sharing an absolute path is what we found most efficient. But it is not very practical nonetheless, as one must adapt the path for its own machine.
A solution to this would be greatly appreciated.

What you proposed, @knedlyk, would not suit my needs. Because this only would work for the last few files. What if I want to point to an older file?

Thanks for any suggestions!

I would also like to see this feature. The current UX in our organisation is:

  1. internal link
  2. open the location in the browser
  3. look at the web path and click yourself through the folders on your machine until you reach the file

What if one can copy&paste the internal link into the searchbar of the dektop app. This will guide you directly to the file. Or the internal link can be shared as an app link, which directly redirects it to the nextcloud desktop app, which then opens the local folder, which contains the file.