NextCloud Desktop for Windows and macOS both report 404s for the same files being synced

I’ve got an odd issue, and maybe it’s related to Virtual Files, but both on my Mac Desktop and Windows Desktop, NextCloud fails to sync certain files claiming it’s receiving a 404 for said files.

Naturally I took the URL it was trying and loaded it up in Chrome, and the file downloaded successfully. So I can conclude that the URL the NextCloud Desktop client is trying to use actually works, and the file exists. So that leaves me wondering why NextCloud is returning a 404 for the client when both Chrome and my WebDAV mounted drive both successfully load the file.

I can only conclude that there is some sort of hiccup/bug (possibly with how NextCloud invokes the URL to get the file) that is causing the service to trip up.

What is the name of the file?
Does it have “exotic” characters?

You can see the file names in the screenshot above.

Can anyone shed some light here?

Figured it out. Ransomware was interfering, and there is no apparent way to whitelist these files, so I ended up have to outright disable the app.