Nextcloud Desktop: delete local files after sync but keep them on remote


does anyone know if it’s possible to delete local files after sync but keep them on remote and do it again and again?

I mean, right now on a desktop computer there is a Movie folder with some movies which I’ve just synced with Nextcloud server. Now I would like to be able to delete them locally but keep them on the remote end. Probably, tomorrow I would like to be able to drag a new movie into the desktops client Movie’s folder, sync it with Nextcloud server and then remove it again locally. This approach I would probably be able to reproduce it any time I need.

Do anyone know if is it possible?


i guess you are using the desktop sync to send the “folder and files” to your server.

When sync is done, open the advance setting of the desktop sync app and uncheck the path, then delete from local desktop.

The files will be erase from desktop, but still present in your nextcloud.

Recheck the box to resynck folders or individual files

you can save storage on the client using virtual file system (VFS) - it stores file placeholder with 0 file size locally while the full file exists only on the server. AFAIK it’s only GA on windows and experimental on other systems…

Yes, I’m talking about Desktop’s Clients.

The proposed logic would work for folders but i don’t see how to do it with files. Do you know how could I accomplish the same behaviour for files? Something like deselect or instruct de Nextcloud Client to keep the files in the server even i delete them in the client / Desktop.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

How would the approach work?

I mean i have files and directories in my Desktop computer. I sync them with the server. Then i enable Virtual Files, and all directories and files would be replaced by virtual files/folders while keeping the originals in the server? If so, could I then add new real files and folders and the Desktop Client would sync them with the server? How then would I convert those real files/folders into virtual files and folders?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

is completely wrong approach! Nextcloud builds around sync which in turn mean all involved systems handle the same set of data. If want “upload-only” experience you could use WebDAV or upload-only share (File-drop).

I point you to a possible solution but I can’t understand it for you…

AFAIK NExtcloud VFS works exactly as I described.

Through VFS one can sync files from client to server and then enable VFS on the server and select which files and/or folders are kept on de client (free up local space) and which not.

BTW, File-drop is about secure and anonymous uploads, isn’t it?

Anyway, i really appreciate your time, help and your 2 cents :slight_smile: