Nextcloud desktop client with a ownCloud server


I would like to know if I can use a Nextcloud desktop client with an OwnCloud server.

Many thanks !

I didn’t have an issue with it. What version of client and what version of ownCloud server?

Nextcloud only uses a different theme, the rest of the client is still the same, so it should work with all clients and still supported NC/OC versions.

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Is this comment still current - I’m migrating a server from Owncloud to Nextcloud and am trying to figure out whether leaving the existing Owncloud in place for the time being will cause issues, or whether syncs will continue as before (but now with the Nextcloud server instead of the Owncloud server)?

It would make transition much easier, as it is less disruptive to the implementation environment.

Client version is currently Version 2.3.4 (build 8624).


Yes, it is still working. I’m still using a few owncloud clients with NC 12.

For NC 13, they are planning a dedicated Nextcloud client that brings new features different from OC (client-side encryption). The old clients will probably still work, however there is an interest of switching. However, for the new NC client there is no test version available yet. In the past months there have been a few issues with the client (e.g. on OS X with encryption), so I will certainly wait a bit until all the small bugs have been figured out.

I don’t know if it’s the right way to reactivate such an old thread, but this is exactly my problem.
I would like to use the Nextcloud client to connect to OwnCloud servers (as well as Nextcloud) and it works, but I have to re-authenticate after every restart of the client. Is anybody facing the same problem?

It seems the original statement is no longer correct after switching to token based auth for the desktop client.

Not only after each restart. For me I am logged out after some minutes. Is there a way to force the old password auth in the client (running on ubuntu)?

It would help make informed decisions if the documentation would at least contain a simple but definitive statement “this client works with servers xxxx…”. Please could somebody @nextcloud take care of this? Or did I miss the presence of such statement elsewhere at the official site?

Many thanks.

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The Nextcloud desktop client is developed for Nextcloud servers. That means that new client versions are not tested with ownCloud servers and nobody can promise anything. If you want to use both, I’d use a client that directly connects both clouds based on webdav (mountainduck, netdrive etc.)

Unless there are community developers who assure the compatibility between both solutions, I think you can’t rely on either client to connect to both server types.