Nextcloud Desktop Client on MacOS


I am using an up-to-date MacOS. I have installed the Desktop sync client of Netxloud desktop version through homebrew.

It installed succesfully. I even have the Nextcloud icon in the list of apps. When I click on it the focus goes away from the current window. But that is all!

I do not see a window where I can enter my credentials. Nothing.
Checking the brew installation it just shows one binary:

user@macbook ~ % brew list nextcloud 
==> Binary
/opt/homebrew/bin/nextcloudcmd -> /Applications/ (600.9KB)
==> Pkg
Nextcloud-3.10.0.pkg (Pkg)

Someone having an idea how to get the desktop version up and running?
Oh, and I prefer using a package manager so I can easily be up-to-date.



You can try to start it from command line:

And with the option:
--logfile <file>
You can log to a file, that hopefully provides more pointers what might be wrong.

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