Nextcloud desktop client no longer using gnome-keyring after fresh install (Manjaro)

Been using Nextcloud for well over a year, once i installed Nextcloud and logged in I never had to again. Recently had some issues with my Manjaro installation and had to do a new desktop install. Used the Nextcloud app image just as before and logged in, set up to launch on start up. But now I am prompted to login on startup every time. Server side has not changed.

Please let me know what logs I can provide to help diagnose this.

Can confirm the keyring is operating correctly, installed chrome and it inserted some keys.

Also should note that I am likely using a newer version of the client than I was previously since i had not updated in a while. Is there a place where I can get older versions that work correctly in my environment? Edit: Found them, will go through them one at a time till one works i guess

There was 30 sessions listed under my security settings, one for every time I booted up my desktop and it forced me to log back in, so Im certain this behavior isn’t correct.

Edit: 3.3.6 was the first one I hit that interacted with the gnome keyring properly. Will work my way up until I hit the broken version.

Edit: 3.5.2-3.5.4 are the versions where it stops interacting with gnome keyring. Also confirmed if I generate them with 3.5.1, 3.5.2-3.5.4 and onwards will not use them still, while 3.5.1 will use the keys from the keyring.

Edit: Likely related to [Bug]: kdewallet on Ubuntu 22.04 | Gnome 3 (v42.2) | X11 · Issue #4814 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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