Nextcloud desktop client minimized at startup


I’m running Kubuntu 18.04. Is there a way to get the nextcloud client started at boot hidden or minimized in the task bar ? I’m currently starting it via KDE config panel and the command /usr/bin/nextcloud but there’s no --hidden switch or alike

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Did you finally found a trick for it?

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Hello there,

I found your question while searching for a solution myself, and can contribute the following:

/usr/bin/nextcloud --help

gives you a list of parameters for the Nexcloud Client binary call. --background seems to be one of them.

:arrow_right: In your KDE environment, open the Autostart control panel view and pick the Nextcloud Client from the list. Open the properties window and go to the program tab. You should see the command here. Just extend it like this:
/usr/bin/nextcloud --background

:white_check_mark: Tested on Kubuntu 19.10.

Good luck!

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Under archlinux, you can change as well /home/USER/.config/autostart/com.nextcloud.desktopclient.nextcloud.desktop:

Exec=/usr/bin/nextcloud --background

Other distros should be similar.