Nextcloud desktop client does not sync files larger 10mb

Hello all

I spent a lot of time resolving issue.
So I have to share solution

First of all:

  1. I’m using debian, nginx, php-fpm
  2. I’ve followed instruction from
  3. also I’ve increased all values about maximum upload file size
  4. I’ve inserted mysql statement about max_chunk_size

I’ve discovered that instruction from 2) correctly process .file ended files

Nothing helps me

When I modify file in shared folder it does not sync, blue icon is shown near file constantly if file larger than 10mb. Forcing of synchronization does not help.

Workaround is to upload this file via webui with replacement of existing file. After several seconds later file changes status to “sync”

Solution is to remove http2 statement from nginx configuration and restart nextcloud application.

could you elaborate on that a little bit more