Nextcloud desktop client desktop variables?

I’m working on a Nextcloud Notes desktop app which is supposed to be able to find the Nextcloud folder path as well on Windows as on Linux. Is there something like an environment variable which is set on Nextcloud account configuration or will I have to let the user enter the folder name manually?
Or, in other words: where is the Nextcloud folder (not the installation path) saved in the Nextcloud desktop client installation?

Thanks in advance.
Best, taiBsu

take a look at

Windows: %appdata%\Nextcloud\nextcloud.cfg

0\FoldersWithPlaceholders\1\localPath=local root path

I only have one folder connection in place, so not sure which value (0 or 1) will increment in case you have multiple connections configured…

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Thanks @wwe, that solved it for the Windows installation. However, I’m still looking for a solution on Linux operating systems. Any idea?

Thanks, tai

did you analyze your Linux installation? I bet there is similar config file with same settings.

Alright, it’s saved in /home/user/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg. Thanks a lot!