Nextcloud desktop client 3.6.4 it out, update!

Hi all,

We made a bugfix release of our desktop client today. Due to a mistake during the release, we are at 3.6.4, not 3.6.3 - there’s an issue with 3.6.3, please don’t update to that version but take 3.6.4!

If you updated to 3.6.3 - it is just the German translations that are broken, you can simply move to 3.6.4 to fix them. No worries :wink:

This is the best release to use with Hub 3 (25.0.2, coming soon), as it contains a feature that lets it automatically lock files when you use the ‘edit locally’ feature from the web UI.





der Fehler in Polls ist weiterhin da.

Man kamn den Link nicht in die Ziwischenablage kopieren, wenn mam die Umfrage teilen möchte.


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