Nextcloud desktop client 3.3.4 with bugfixes is here!

Nextcloud desktop client 3.3.4 is here with some minor updates.

The changelog:

Guys, you should really be more diligent with your client releases. The URLs linked on your site ( throw some 404s on GitHub.

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…or the marketing people should be less diligent and wait with announcing new releases and updating the links until the releases are actually ready :wink:

well, don’t know who’s doing what according to this: Release 3.3.4 · Issue #3816 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Me neither. But the source files are already there, and I’m pretty confident that it won’t be long until the binaries are ready too…

yeah, but according to #3816 they already did that (or claimed they did that).
Anyways, with “Guys” I meant everybody involved :wink:

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I used the same link earlier today and then it worked, but probably with the older version.3.3.3

I admit I just merged Distribute desktop version 3.3.4 by allexzander · Pull Request #1547 · nextcloud/ · GitHub and then deployed - but didn’t test… Let me ask the desktop team :smiley:

It’s all good. The links are working now. :slight_smile: