Nextcloud desktop client 2.5 is out with End-to-End Encryption, new login flow and much more

Hey guys, thanks a lot for this release!

Wanted to ask if anyone else this issue (using Solus OS). Whenever I want to encrypt a folder (from the Nextcloud client), I get the following message: Please wait for the folder to sync before trying to encrypt it.. Am I the only one with this issue?

Nevertheless, if I encrypt a folder from my android app and add the passphrase into my nextcloud desktop app, everything is working.

LE: Tested it more… saw the github issue mentioned above. Guess in a couple of days/weeks the app will thrive :slight_smile:

Wanted to ask if anyone else this issue (using Solus OS). Whenever I want to encrypt a folder (from the Nextcloud client), I get the following message: Please wait for the folder to sync before trying to encrypt it. . Am I the only one with this issue?

Did you install from a repository? I have the same problem with the Linux version. On Windows, encrypting a folder works. Anyway, be aware that subfolders inside an encrypted folder are uploaded unencrypted.

Yes, used the one located in the Solus official repository. Will wait for an update :slight_smile:

Thanks also for the warning.


I have the desktop client installed on Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1 through the ubuntu ppa

$ apt policy nextcloud-client
  Installed: 2.5.0-20181111.015125~bionic1
  Candidate: 2.5.0-20181111.015125~bionic1
  Version table:
 *** 2.5.0-20181111.015125~bionic1 500
        500 bionic/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Unfortunately I have to give negative feedback for this upgrade. My main focus is the sync functionality. (There are other issues but as long as the sunc works reliably I can overlook them.) After the upgrade the sync has been slower and not as reliable. For example I renamed two folders on the desktop and I watched as the client re-uploaded the folders instead of just moving them - as the previous version used to do. Please do more testing on the new sync protocol. As it is I feel that If I don’t double check what happened on the activity logs I might have silent errors and lose data.

I have the Windows client syncing my entire profile. This environment was working seamlessly until this update. Now, no matter what I do I can’t seem to get the client to ignore my Appdata folder? I’ve had to revert back to the older version. for the time being. Really love the software though!

Hi all!
The news version are good news! :slight_smile:

One questien about E2E and the “As files are synced one by one and the protocol requires careful locking on the server, E2E causes significant overhead and is not yet suitable for large numbers of files.

Does anyone have any experience with what this means in practice? is the whole thing just slow, is the server crashing (shared host…), is noticeably more space being used, what are large numbers of files…?

I have some files, that do not synchronise.
They are named like:

  • “Filename1.dto.full.backup”
  • “Filename2.dto.full.backup”

When renaming them to something like:

  • “Filename1.dto.full.backup.BAK”
    Then they would sync.

However, the used application is saving it’s data backups in the above naming convention. (filename.dto.full.backup)
And I hate, having to manually rename files, just to make them sync. Often missed and then not sync’ed.

In the ignore settings, I couldn’t find any wildcard naming, that should match above file “Extension”.

I updated the Desktop Client from 2.3.3 to 2.5.0 and now also to 2.5.1 (under windows 7).

But it doesn’t work. Any idea?

I have done some more testing.
The above named files were already on the cloud. (Since I uploaded them manually from the HomeOffice PC via the Web-Interface.
Now downloading to different other machines (windows 7, Linux openSUSE LEAP 15) did not work.

What I did now:
1.) STEP:

  • Downloaded the 2 files manually through the Web-Interface (stored locally on my notebook with a big X at the end (“filename1.dto.full.backupX”)
  • Deleted the original on the cloud server (Web-Interface)
  • Renamed it back to the original name (filename1.dto.full.backup)
    => it now sync’d correctly to the cloud and further to the other PC

2.) STEP:

  • On my notebook, I created a new, empty text file and named it “TEST.dto.full.backup.txt”
  • This file is synced fine
  • Then I renamed it to “TEST.dto.full.backup”
  • This was then succussfully modified on the server (cloud)
    => However, not synched to the other PC
    Message: “Server hat “510 Not Extended” auf GET …URL…and path of file”
    or on another client just: “Not Extended”
  • moving to different direcories -> nothing sync’d / changed anymore

3.) STEP:

  • creating the new file on another, un-sync’d directory and there renaming to “TEST3.dto.full.backup”
  • then moving this file into the to be sync’d directory
    => Doesn’t sync.

Any ideas?