Nextcloud Desktop app has gone rogue

Hey guys, first timer here - so sorry if my question is invalid or something - but just reaching out if I can find help from there.

I’ve been using Nextcloud with the Hetzner cloud server for few years now and been very happy with it, but in the last few months the desktop client has been acting really crazy.

Basically, when I open it - it works flawlessly for some time (few minutes to hours) until when it’s thumbnail is minimized on the screen tray on right side corner - it stops responding. Task Manager tells its running, but it’s using about 7-10% of CPU (and none network traffic). And of course, it’s not synchronizing as it should be.

Dont know what I should do. Tried the uninstall/reinstall procedure, didn’t help.

There may be some clues in the debug logs[1].

[1] Appendix C: Troubleshooting — Nextcloud Client Manual 3.11.81 documentation