Nextcloud desktop app constant updates and system restarts

Intro with I love NC, and have been a user since the OC days. This is literally the first time I’ve posted in a forum like this, forgive if I’m doing it wrong.

My issue is with the desktop application and its complicated updates.

Okay so I know its not that complicated… for me. It requires several clicks and harrasses for a restart, and I have it on a desktop and three laptops so one NC update completely disrupts my workflow, but I love NC and I can deal.

But I have installed NC desktop on client machines on a limited basis and its just too much for them, especially my elderly clients. All the clicks and restarts and notifications… (I turn off notifications but they return with every update).

So this isnt really a complaint, or a bug report, or a request to have anything fixed.

I’m just saying that the complete lack of stealth for updating on the desktop clients has made this a completely unusable option to offer backups for my clients.

It works great in single user mode though, and has worked great for me since like 2014. I just wish I could share it more effectively.

Thanks! Jason

*and also it seems like it updates every 3-4 days. Maybe it doesnt, I dunno. I use mac windows linux. It seems like my windows install is the worst offender.


Yes, there are quite a few reports about the client where we could use some improvements. The update procedure with the restarts is a nuisance for many, also sync performance and resource usage.

Some bugs are hard to reproduce, depend on environments etc. so if you have a specific problem, don’t hesitate to report it especially when you are able to reproduce it. They got on a few things where the performance dropped when the notification windows were showing, so if that is remotely linked to your issues, there might be a chance of improvements in the future.

It’s not really a backup solution in the first place. You can keep clients up to date with the same version of a file. However, if you mess it up in one place, you mess it up everywhere. So please, do a proper backup on top.

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I am a Windows user, and I do not see a client update every 3 or 4 days, on this page you will see all the netcloud client releases for Windows…