Nextcloud Desktop 2.5 and E2E Encryption App

I have installed the latest win desktop 2.5 with E2E. It says it supports E2E. However, the E2E app in the app store still says its alpha and not for production. This is confusing. Is it safe to install and use the E2E app along with the win desktop 2.5 in production?

Also, is there documentation on how to start using E2E?

Thank you.

I don’t know the official statement. It is however the first release with E2E, with sharing, different clients, there are quite some use cases and I wouldn’t count on that everything has been tested. And from the post on the forum about the client, there are still a few issues. You should test the client in your environment, then you can make sure it works for you, give feedback. Regarding the documentation, it hasn’t been updated yet for the 2.5 version. Priority was to get the version out, you could make a feature request for the documentation on