Nextcloud Decryption: How can I decrypt files on my local server where no nextcloud is installed

I am running a snap nextcloud instance v20.07 and I have server side encryption enabled. When I download the data folder locally all my files are encrypted. Now I’d like to restore my files on my local computer where I have no nextcloud installed, but I am reading that I can only decrypt it on a server where I have set up a nextcloud instance with my configs in place. Is that true?

Shouldn’t I be able to decrypt my files when I have all the decryption keys?? And if I can, how could I do this?

Thanks in advance for all the help

I have the same question.
Running a NC V21.01, server side encryption enabled.
All data and encryption key are backuped by Borg.
If my NC would be damaged, I would only have the backup (with the encrypted files and the keys).
How could I decrypt this encrypted files or an encrypted single file on a separate computer?
Could anyone support please?