Nextcloud Deck, Social and Forms: We're listening to your thoughts and feature-wishes!

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Hello Nextcloud fans!

Would you help us build great self hosted apps that cover all your day to day needs?

We shared a survey a few weeks ago along with the Nextcloud Deck 1.0 release announcement to collect your thouhts on Deck and better understand your needs.

Our survey about Deck turned out to be a very good way to listen to the users and we’re taking the ‘most popular’ feature-wishes into consideration for the next set of improvements! Now we’d like to ask again for your honest feedback, this time on Nextcloud Social and Nextcloud Forms.

What’s coming next in Nextcloud? You tell us 😉

If you want your feature-needs regarding any of these apps to be considered for the upcoming releases all you have to do is take the surveys below and tick the boxes that match your thoughts 🙂


A forms app, to de-Google and self-host your forms with the possibility to restrict access (members, certain groups/users, and public).


Nextcloud is part of the federated social networks!

And if you haven’t answered about Deck yet, you can still do that!


Deck is a kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams integrated with Nextcloud.

As you might have noticed, the Nextcloud team is working hard to improve the Nextcloud appstore and make users happy by improving the store itself, by encouraging the development of new apps or integrations that would cover more needs and by continuously bettering existing apps. Our awesome community of contributors, users and YOU are key to achieve all these!

Your help is very much appreciated and we are super exited to see that more people everyday want to help us make Nextcloud better in any way they can. THANKS!

What can you do for Nextcloud?

  • If you’d like to propose a new feature for these apps that is not mentioned in the survey and help in developing it, you can do so on Github. Or read all the info available on being part of the community here.

  • If you are interested in developing your own brand new app, you can always get help through all the inforation available on our developer page, and also our developer program might sound interesting to you.

  • If you are a supper happy Nextcloud user and want to help us spread the word about Nextcloud or you want to inspire other people to liberate their data, you can always write a review about Nextcloud in one of the following platforms. What’s the best thing about Nextcloud so far?

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Great ! I thought Social was dead.
Incompatibility with Nc18 and no updates…
i will put my hands on back

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I’d like to use Deck for my private stuff, it’s a bit easier than my Jira … the blocker is the lack of a mobile app for our iPhones and iPads :frowning:

I really have no idea why there is only an Android app but no IOS app in these days …

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Another vote for Social. Needs better onboarding of users, stuff like admin controlled auto followed channels or at least some sort of suggested channels features.

Also Mastodon (or similar) mobile client API support would be great.

Last but not least, if groups/forums (channels other users can post to) like in Friendica or Hubzilla were supported, that would go a long way to make this a cool community discussion app.

Oh and better social sharing features in the rest of Nextcloud of course :wink:

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I’m with jacotec. IOS may be the lower market share but in the U.S. that number is a much closer race. Either way if a business has 3 out of 10 users using IOS and no app, that’s still a no-go since their entire staff needs the same capability.

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So, 30% are multi million devices. And as @compumatter already mentioned, even one device in an environment or company blocks the use.

Especially in sectors/applications where the focus is on security, IOS usually has a higher share than Android. And isn’t it that market where self hosted solutions are targeting most for? :wink:

We’re not asking about Windows Mobile or Blackberry … but about one of the two major OS’s.


The lack of a wellfunctioning Forms application is the reason why many in our organisation is sceptical to Nextcloud and want to keep to Google. How is the output formatted from the Forms app? In Google-Forms it gets directly into an excel-file which is handy.

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Within this big and diverse (and open) user-base you will find quite some people who will say that what this is about is to get out of “target a market”-concepts.

Others will tell you the market is the folks that want to have the freedom to use general computing hardware to … compute whatever they want (freedom). Regarding that, iOs is just not a very attractive platform :wink:

Of course the simple answer is “because nobody created one”. And why that? Because nobody was paid to do so? Or because the original developers just “lacked” the skill or the hardware (I for example could most likely hack together an iOs app, but I just never used an iPhone and also have no incentives to get one, learn about it and all that)? Or is it because the pipeline/workflow to use “free” (as in freedom) Software to build “free” Apps is simply more convenient for development for Android?

I go a bit with DHH/basecamps view, that the solid base should be the webapp with sprinkles for the “native” implementations. Seems to save a lot of pain.


In our organisation I do not see the need for a mobile app. I use only the webbrowser in the mobile (Android) and iPad for our needs. I dont know about Deck though
It may be different for private use. Like automatic upload of photos.

nobody wrote it :wink:

It’d be great if someone in the community stepped up, like with the Android app!

Apps like Nextcloud - open-source, multi-million installs, actively developed, often updated, multi-platform, etc. - follow pretty much the “natural” course of evolution. Meaning, if there is enough interest in having a certain app on a certain OS, developers will emerge…

OS market share is irrelevant… Number of users is the only factor that matters…
And based on how soundly iOS is ignored at the moment, the number of users is far from critical mass…

Jobs’ famous “People don’t know what they want until we tell them” works only in the Apple world

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Hehe, in Forms, I did not click “show a summary before submitting” cause I thought I don’t need that.
Then in the last question I hit enter which sent the form… I wasnt ready!

Also, forms and polls should be merged. (Is there a github issue for this?)

The source code is open so you can check for yourself, so yes there is :wink::

regarding Deck.
I am using and what is bit better there compare to Deck is:

  1. that I can show description under card itself, not in side panel.
  2. I can create subtasks on card
  3. I can assign color to card, I think it better than “tagging”
  4. if I have only 3 lists (3 columns) they are stretch from left to right, taking 100% width
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Blueprint for a new Way to comunicate with existing Accounts

Because the {ENTER} Key closed the survey,
I would like to have Nextcloud as a Social Stream collector which allows me to enter several social media accounts, RSS and E-Mail feed.
I would need it to Filter all streams for Hash-Tags and Keywords and create me a new Stream. If I answer to a Post or RSS Feed. It should either answer normally to it or post the Comment together with a link to the article in to a secific Social media account.
If Nextcould would be able to do this I would merge all my Social media accounts into Nextcloud and would use only one App on my mobile phone.

Nextcloud had need to have the ability to save social media profiles into the contacts in the addressbook and setup a prefered media account which should be used if I send a private message .

If a Message arrive, it should be possible to set a Flow which deside If a Message should threaded as e-Mail or as Message.


==> New Message - Arrived --> Is Mail address|OR| Is saved Contact in XX Adressbook --> If contain more than 140 Character --> mark as ShortMessage (nextcloud/Talk)

==> New RSS feed - Arrived --> Contain {KEY-WORD} in Content --> mark as E-Mail (nextcloud/Mail

==> New Message from an Unknown User --> Set Category - Unknown --> mark it as RSS-Feed (nextcloud/News)

I should be able to mark a Subject as Short Message or Mail independend of the Source stream.

e.g.: If a Mail arrive and I move it into a special defined Directory, Nextcloud move it to Talk and If I mark a talk with a special tag the Message get moved to E-Mail.

Blueprint for a Project Agenda

I recently started to use a CalDAV Calendar Item as a Collector for Meeting relevant Data. The Description of such an Item contain the Invite mail, links to files we need at the Meeting and some Notes.

I would Like to have the possibility to pimp a Calendar Item that way that It easy collect all kind of Meeting relevant data easy accessible.

It would be nice to add files/directories/conversations in (nextcloud/Mail) or (nextcloud/talk) and more to my meeting overview.


## Meeting about XX
1. Subject A
2. Subject B
3. Subject C
4. Subject D  

If I set a specific Category to the Calendar Item and some other until know not listed Files have the same category. They get also listed as link at the bottom of the Description.

If you use a normal calendar tool, you see all links (numbered) at the end of the description.
If you use Thunderbird (with an Add-on) or Nextcloud Website you see:

  1. A filename or preview as link to the PDF
  2. A scroll-able and able to maximize excerpt of the mail thread and the linked notes
  3. A Playbutton which open the Presentation (in OnlyOffice/OpenOffice)
  4. Link to the attachment

Set up Global categories as DAV item

  • Allow to upgrade a Category to a DAV Item (Calendar/Address book)
  • Allow other App to add their app there to (e.g. could maybe use it for Virtual IMAP-Direcory)
  • Affected Issues:
  • contact: 171
  • contact: 212
  • calendar: 708 - Mokup
  • calendar: 806