Nextcloud debian package for version 24


please is there Nextcloud version 24 available as Debian package (.deb) anywhere ?

I’m fighting with upgrade from old Nextcloud 23. There is deb package available of version 25, but as skipping major versions is not supported, I need to go via 24, which I cannot find anywhere…

Thanks for help

Nextcloud itself does not offer any deb packages and neither does Debian. But maybe this is of any help: Nextcloud - Debian Wiki

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Given what @bb77 said, I’d suggest you make plans to deploy Nextcloud in a different way (e.g. standard install, Docker micro-services image, Docker AIO image, Snap, etc. - see the Installation section of the Admin Manual[1] for options) and to migrate your existing data into that new installation. This is the better long-term solution for this type of software.

[1] Installation on Linux — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation


Thank you for the info.