Nextcloud datadirectory on web disk with credentials

I would like to have datadirectory on my webdisk, where there is login with user and password. I can not find the way how to pass these ceredntials to nextcloud install. It keeps giving me message, that data directory is not writable. I have found something about .ocdata file but have not found nothing about its structure, how to write there user and password. I do not have command line access to hosting.

Thank you.

Unfortunately you ignored the usual template and didn’t provide DETAILED information about your environment, the used software versions, etc.

Nevertheless you cannot use a storage which requests any credentials on access for the Nextcloud data directory. A server always needs to access the storages without asking for any credentials. Make sure that you mount your web disk to the server in advance on the console, before you start any service. This might be the only way to work around the problem.

Thank you. As I mentioned I have usual web hosting without CLI so this is not the way for me. Means we can not use diferent datadirectory place password protected from app if we do not have CLI.

Nextcloud 10, last now, webhosting php 7.3.