Nextcloud Database Migration to Docker AIO not working

I have tried to migrate my complete instance from the “Community VM” (GitHub - nextcloud/vm: 💻☁📦 The Nextcloud VM (virtual machine appliance), Home/SME Server and scripts for RPi (4). Community developed and maintained.) to the AIO Docker Image.

I followed the instructions given in the documentation (all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub).

I use the LDAP User backend so, after configuring it, I can login to nextcloud and see the files I migrated. So the file part worked!

However the database migration does not work for me. I have tried it a few times with complete resets in between.

When I look into the PostgreSQL Database I can see the tables. However if I do a SELECT * on one of those tables the tables are mostly empty. For example in the oc_accounts table there is only the default admin user.

For testing I have also created an empty database to which I imported the dump manually. This lead to the same result as discribed above.

I had a look at the database dump which seems to contain all of the missing data.

Both Instances are running version 29.0.1

Hi, did you trigger a database import as suggested here?

Yes, I followed the process from the documentation precisely.

Okay, then it should have triggered the database import on starting the containers. Can you check if this was the case for you?

Yes it seems to be the case. It wrote a database-import.log into /mnt/data.

The database however only has empty tables. This also happens if I import the dump into a empty database manually.

Hm, maybe something is wrong with your database dump then?

Any suggestions what might be wrong with the dump?

I used the command provided under point 4 of the doc to create the dump and looking at the content from the dump it contains all the data I would expect…

Tried importing the dump on the old system. This worked just fine and I can read the data from the tables.

The old system is on Version “psql (PostgreSQL) 14.12 (Ubuntu 14.12-0ubuntu0.22.04.1)”.

The AIO Container is on “psql (PostgreSQL) 15.6”

Can anybody help?