Nextcloud data drive recommendation


we just moved our cloud to hetzner.
The original idea was, to mount a storagebox (samba) for data directory, but browsing through nextcloud was quite slow, as latency is to high.
Now we moved the data directory temporarily on a nvme raid and the performance is incredibly good. Nevertheless, the capacity of this raid will soon be used up and so we are thinking of moving again to a HDD raid.
Does anybody has experiences with HDD performance for data directory?

p.s. my first post in nextcloud community.

One of our Nextcloud instances runs as a VM on a QNAP: the VM on a RAID1 M.2 SATA with data directory on 5 RAID5 12TB drives…
Working fine.

There is no in-your-face performance difference when compared to another instance running on a VMware cluster on SATA SSDs under vSAN…

Hi Henry,
thank you. “in-your-face-performance” is exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile: Our setup will be slightly different, but should be somehow comparable. We run nextcloud as VM on a proxmox host and want to upgrade to 12TB RAID1.