Nextcloud data backup

Hi all,
I’ve a self hosted NC server that I mainly use for sharing a big data partition with my projects inside (synced on various machine with the nextcloud client). The server is hosted on a raspberry with DietPi as main OS. I would like to backup said data from nextcloud and place them somewhere in an external SSD connected to the raspberry but I’m confuse on if there is already a nextcloud funtionality to do so or not. nc-backup seems to me that will backup everything and I don’t care about it.
Also is it possible to automate the backup from inside NC or I’ve to create a custom script to do so on the main server?
Am I missing something?


hello @ParanoidNemo welcome to the forum.

this topic has been discussed many times, please use search !

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I’ve asked because, probably by my ignorance, the search didn’t give me any answer on what I’m trying to do.
Searching inside the folders where NC is running I cannot find any of the file I’ve uploaded to the server; I find those only through the NC app or web page so I don’t know how to get those to back them up.