Nextcloud custom Server URL Pre-enter on Android App

While developing android app for Nextcloud i want to pre enter our Nextcloud Server URL, so the user can directly login into to account without entering the Server URL.

I have done this in iOS app, there is an option in NCBrand.swift

  1. disable_intro
  2. disable_request_login_url
  3. loginBaseURL (this is where we add the server URL)

It works on iOS but not on Android, i searched the forum but didnt find any solution.

If you mean with “developing android app” that you compile the Nextcloud Android app with your company brand, then your solution can be find in this file:

If you mean that you are developing a 3rd party Android app (like Deck, Notes, News, …), then i’d recommend you to use the Single Sign On:

Thanks for the reply, yes i’m looking to develop Nextcloud Android App with custom branding and custom URL.

I already tried what you have mentioned but it still asks me for the Server address.

I want to enter Server URL in the app itself and redirect users to that URL. On iOS it works but on android Nextcloud app it doesn’t work.

Even the setting
“show_server_url_input”>true when changed to false it still shows up when the app is executed on the android device.

In iOS NCBrand.swift i just edited loginBaseURL and changed disable_intro and disable_request_login_url it worked.

I didn’t find this settings in the android App, i have been searching for 5 days.