Nextcloud crashing

I’ve started hosting my own instance recently. I’ve used Linode’s Nanode plan with 1GB RAM and 1 CPU Core and my server has been crashing a lot. Is it because I need more RAM/CPU or did I do anything wrong? Can anyone help me?


That may depend on your installation process as different deployment method has different minimum system requirement. Secondly, number of concurrent users and app use will also effect system requirements.

Which installation / deployment method did you follow?


I am the only one using the server. Also, I installed it using Nextcloud AIO

Hi and yes, 1GB RAM is definitely too less. Even if you disable all optional addons in the AIO interface, 2GB RAM are needed. Depending on additonally enabled addons you will need even more. Please check out the system requirements that are mentioned in the AIO interface.

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