NextCloud Cookie Banner


I’m looking for a way to add a Coockie banner to NextCloud. Possibly by App or on the other side. I need this because otherwise I am not allowed to put the site online in the EU.

Does anyone know a possibility?

With kind regards

This might be what you’re looking for:

This is the reference to an opened feature request covering this function:

In short, the answer you can read at the issues is: Nextcloud sets no cookies that require asking for permission. You do NOT need to ask for permission for non-tracking cookies and you don’t need to ask for permission for essential cookies, needed to be able to log in for example. You only have to explain your use of cookies in the privacy portal, where you can simply say that the cookies Nextcloud sets are to facilitate logging in securely.

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This is just not correct. You have at least inform the users about usage of Cookies.
However, providing a app which provides a banner should not be a big deal right?