Nextcloud Contributor week - moving digital

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You probably know we organize a get-together for our community about 5-6 times a year. Most recently we used this event to announce Nextcloud Hub and a partnership with Europe’s largest hosting provider, IONOS. Our next contributor week is scheduled for March 23-27. For probably obvious reasons, the event is moving online.

How’s that going to work?

That is a good question! Sadly, the social part of the contributor week is very hard to duplicate remotely. But we need those sync moments together!

So we will plan a series of online meetings for next week, which we will do using open Talk rooms. Those will be open and scheduled below (updates coming the next days)! As our contributor week is open, so will be these meetings!

Stay tuned for a nice table below with a program.

r u guys sure that it’s gonna take place? due to corona-lockdown it could happen that it would need to get cancelled.
so i think at least a hint to those circumstances should be part of this announcement as well.

We canceled all meeting with more than 5 recipients in our company. No sitting together during breakes. Home office wherever it is possible. @jospoortvliet Will it take place?

It first states that the community events goes digital and then rants on as it will be as normal. My guess is that they are trying to say that it will be an online event in some way.

Yeah, sorry folks, this was not at all a finished blog post at first :wink: it had the previous blog pasted in for reference while I was typing the new blog.

I’ve updated it now!

In simple terms - the event moves online, we’ll try and set up a few Talk calls, schedule coming in future updates of the blog.